Father Berhane

Fr Berhane is a Cappuccine priest who came to Colchester c. 2004 to complete his studies at Essex University and helped Fr Conrad with parish masses etc. whenever possible.


His 2nd collection is now done annually due to our increased involvement with local charities and other projects – the funds from the coffee/refreshments after the weekend masses in Greenstead and Mistley are sent to Fr Berhane and there is a special collection for him at the annual Christmas Dinner organised by the Ladies Coffee Morning group


Here the situation is going from bad to worse. As you might have heard or read in the newspapers, the regime in Eritrea has confiscated all our health centres and even clinics which were inside our convents and religious houses. The priests and the religious people who are living in the compound where the health centres and clinics are, are being thrown from their houses. The regime is now threatening to confiscate the Catholic schools, women promotion centres and nursery schools. We, as Christians and especially as a Catholic Church, are finding ourselves in a very terrible and dramatic situation. We do not know how things are going to turn out, so we need a lot of prayers from all.

Please extend my heartfelt greetings, prayers and best wishes to all parishioners of Greenstead and friends whose love and company I really miss. Thank you for your continuous generosity and enormous support for me and my community.

God bless, Fr. Berhane.