Parish Pilgrimage to Walsingham

Walsingham is England’s Catholic National Shrine and Basilica of Our Lady. A place to share in in the joy Mary experienced at the Annunciation, and like her, to seek to say ‘yes’ to God in our lives.

“Not that long ago, all roads led to Walsingham, that was the epicentre of the country, because it was the epicentre of faith, by this miraculous moment, the Holy House of Nazareth, the home of Jesus, came to this country.” – Cardinal Vincent Nichols.

In 1893, 350 years after the Shrine’s destruction at the Reformation, Pope Leo Xlll said these prophetic words, “When England goes back to Walsingham, Our Lady will return to England.” 


We are blessed that our parish is close enough to the National Shrine to be able to make a days pilgrimage there each year by coach. Our pilgrimage takes place each year during the month of September. Contact Ann:


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Medjugorje Annual Pilgrimage

Medjugorje is a village in former Yugoslavia (now Bosnia-Herzegovina) where since June 24th 1981 the Virgin Mary has reportedly been appearing everyday. Six visionaries tell us that Our Blessed Mother comes as The Queen of Peace to remind us the God exists and to “call us to conversion for the last time.” This conversion consists of living lives of The Eucharist, monthly confession, daily Bible reading, heartfelt prayer (the Rosary) and fasting. Such an out pouring of graces have flowed from the messages of Medjugorje that hundreds of priestly and religious vocations, tremendous miracles of healing of body and spirit, and thousands of conversions have been reported. St John Paul ll called it “the spiritual heart of the world” (1988), and said in 1987, “if I were not Pope, I would be in Medjugorje already, hearing confessions,”


Medjugorje has been described as the place “where heaven meets earth,” and is a pilgrimage destination that we can all go to experience. In 2018, Pope Francis authorised pilgrimages there, so that such trips can now be officially organised by Catholic dioceses and parishes.


Jan Cavanagh has been leading pilgrimages from our parish since 2008 in September. See dates and events for this years details. Please contact her at

Testimony from a frequent pilgrim

A visit to Medjugorje is life changing. It is not only an opportunity to come closer to Mary, the Mother of God, but also to be lead by her, closer to her Son, Jesus. Medjugorje is a holy place that could be described as a ‘conglomerate’ of spiritual experiences. It is possible to pray the Mysteries of the Rosary among the rocks and thorn bushes on Apparition Hill, where Mary first appeared to the children, to scramble up Krusevac (Cross Mountain) following the path taken by the locals since 1933 praying the Stations of the Cross, to meditate at the sculpture of The Risen Christ, or join thousands of pilgrims before you for confession, at what has been called ‘the confessional of the world’. Pilgrims are always warmly welcomed by the locals who treasure their faith and delight in sharing it with visitors.

Photo: Pilgrims last year on Apparition Hill where Our Lady first appeared. At the end of climbing Apparition Hill, after stopping on the way to pray the whole Rosary, a decade at a time. (Click on any image to view larger image)

At the top of Cross Mountain
On Apparition Hill, where Our Lady first appeared
At the bottom of Apparition HIll after praying 15 Mysteries of the Rosary

Latest message from Medjugoje

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